Write Your Destiny.

Guided journalling to help you discover, plan, and build your desired future.

Sometimes we find ourselves in darkness, where we feel detached and exhausted with our inner voice quieted by distraction, busyness, and anxiety. Campfire is a light in that darkness. A guide and partner to help you connect (or re-connect) with your identity, motivation, and purpose.

Fewer than 1/3 of North Americans are satisfied with their lives and >1% self-actualize. Don't look back on your life and realize you've mislived. Campfire harnesses positive psychology, behavioural economics, and the principles of life coaching to help you lead a more balanced, fulfilling life.

Live a mindful life.

Log your thoughts. Stay on track through nudges and guided prompts.

Follow a program.

Go on a guided journey. Find your purpose and live a richer, more fulfilling life.

Don't go it alone.

Join a growing,
global community of
purpose-led individuals.

We're here to help.

Expert guidance to help
you make decisions
that come to life.

Self-discovery is hard. Let us help.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Campfire launch?

  • Campfire will launch in summer 2022. Our first release will feature our basic guided journalling experience and journey. Over time, we'll roll out Circles and Coaches. Join the waitlist to show your support alongside development and launch updates.

What will Campfire become long-term?

  • Our mission is to ensure equitable access to effective self-discovery tools and support. Today life coaches and therapists can be prohibitively expensive or intimidating for many. Long-term we hope to offer AI-powered text analysis and voice coaching to lower the cost barrier and offer an alternative guided approach.

How much will Campfire cost?

  • At launch, Campfire will be $6.49/m or $39.99/yr. Campfire Coach will have an additional cost either per-appointment or as an ongoing subscription, like Spotify.

Who is Campfire intended for?

  • Campfire is helpful for people of any age, belief, or background. Maybe you're facing choice overload and peer pressure as you establish your career, feel trapped by responsibility or past decisions with limited time to self-explore, or retiring and feel it's futile to start again. Campfire can help. While everyone faces unique challenges in self-actualization, we all share a desire to lead a fulfilling present and future.

How does Campfire work?

  • Campfire is built on a unique five-need framework built through ethnographic discovery with Canadians of all ages and backgrounds. Campfire also draws inspiration from Buddhism, Stoicism, positive psychology, and behavioural economics.

Is Campfire a replacement for therapy (i.e., CBT)?

  • Campfire is not a replacement for therapy. However, Campfire can be a very effective first step for self-analysis or in tandem with therapy to build a healthy, balanced emotional life.

Why Campfire?

  • We believe in human potential. However, we also see that many struggle to identify, embrace, and actualize their potential. Campfire is a movement, intending to help people and communities fully express themselves and lead more rich, fulfilling life journeys.

What's the deal with these scenarios?

  • Visualization (and its Stoic counterpart negative visualization) is an established psychological technique to prepare for the future. Most visualization is self-centred (i.e., how I'll perform, what I'll do). Conversely, most fiction is designed for entertainment and any self-reflection is coincidental or fleeting. Scenarios bridge this gap through speculative, collective stories that Campers can consider their actions and reactions to.

Why is Campfire different?

  • Most self-discovery platforms either focus on 1) habit-building or 2) expert support. Habits by themselves are too narrow. Fitness and meditation, for example, are important but without a deeper purpose or plan, these routines become brittle or lost in emojis, meaningless scores, and trivialized exercises. Alternatively, just support means each practitioner must design programming and clients often find themselves going through the motions or oscillating between different providers. Campfire nests habits and tangible actions in broader self-discovery and welcomes experts as partners on Camper's established growth journey. We focus on deep human experience, internal reflection, and self-empowerment.

Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.